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Welcome to The Wine Plug, your gateway to the diverse tapestry of South African wines. Our mission is to traverse every avenue, leaving no stone unturned, to introduce the world to the richness of our nation’s viticulture. Whether your palate seeks the indulgence of alcoholic or de-alcoholized wines, the convenience of bulk orders, the allure of our in-house labels, or the allure of personalized creations, we stand poised to meet your every vinous need. Our deeply-rooted relationships with both prominent and boutique wineries across our scenic land empower us to curate an unrivaled selection. At The Wine Plug, we take pride in being your ultimate destination for all things wine, translating passion into every sip.


With a profound passion for the intricate art of winemaking, John stands as the visionary force behind The Wine Plug. Armed with a degree in wine making and a rich four-year tenure in the industry, he embodies a deep understanding of the craft. John’s innovative spirit shines through his creation of a distinguished brandy label tailored for the Botswana market, attesting to his prowess in brand development. His extensive network within the wine domain cements his position as a key influencer in the field.


Complementing John’s expertise is Sven, a legal luminary turned strategic architect. Following a successful two-year career in law, Sven’s unwavering attention to detail and strategic acumen found a new canvas in the world of wines. A lifelong friendship with John catalysed their partnership. Sven’s meticulous approach to organisational orchestration and tactical implementation infuses The Wine Plug with a systematic edge, ensuring each endeavour is a harmonious symphony of precision.


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